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In the world of sport, nothing compares to the glamour, elegance, prestige and excitement that is the most famous race – the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix.  The race is rich with history, celebrity, technology and skill and dates back to 1929 when a mysterious man called `Williams` driving a Bugatti won it.
The Monaco Grand Prix is unique; it is the only street race in the Formula 1 calendar – 78 laps around the narrow winding Avenues and Boulevards of Monaco.  F1 cars roaring past Monaco’s infamous Casino, through it’s hairpin bends and around the natural amphitheatre of the harbour, before braking sharp for Rascasse, then accelerating into the start/finish straight past the pits and into St Devote corner.  This is probably the only area during the race where overtaking is possible.  When combined with pit stop strategy, which can win or lose a race, this section of the race track makes for  thrilling viewing, where super-tuned engines scream, brakes glow and the intoxicating smell of fuel and tyres scorching fills the air as the world’s best drivers jockey for position and fight to win the most famous race in motorsport.



1. Robert McTavish - April 16, 2007

looks very impressive….!!!!
Hope to go to Monoco with you one day (when I’m not in Indy) good luck and wish you and your team well.

Kind Regards

2. Louise Valentine - April 17, 2007

Thanks guys, been a pleasure doing business with you. Could we add 2 more to the group as discussed.

3. FugareF1 - April 17, 2007

No problem Louise, thanks for your nice comments and I’ll PM you to confirm details for the other guests. I don’t know about you but i’m getting excited!!

4. FugareF1 - April 17, 2007

Hi Robert
Thanks for your comments, much appreciated and hope all goes well in Indy. Sorry we can’t make it to Barcelona with you but the dates are a little tight for Monaco. See you soon for a beer i hope. All the best, Ed

5. Eleanor - Red Pepper Events - April 17, 2007

Red Pepper can’t wait to get to Monaco. Our clients are buzzing with excitement for the event. We are following the grand prix on the tv and really looking forward to seeing it in action. Good luck. Monaco here we come. Thanks, Eleanor

6. John Westbrook - April 18, 2007

Hi, I am going to book for the Monaco Grand Prix in 2008 for my wife and I. Can you tell me is it too early to book just now? Also is it better to stay in Monaco or Nice?

7. FugareF1 - April 18, 2007

Hi John
It’s never too early to make sure you secure the best views and service for the Monaco Grand Prix. Most of the hotels and hospitality facilities in Monaco are booked well in advance and some of the them will already be secured for 2008 and beyond. We have your email address from the post and will send you some more info privately on what FugareF1 Grand Prix can provide – just reply to the email address the info comes from or telephone one of the numbers shown if you have any queries or would like to discuss in more detail.
Kind regards

8. John Westbrook - April 19, 2007

Ok, thanks, look forward to it.

9. Barry Mills - April 20, 2007

What do you think of Lewis Hamilton? Is he the real deal or has he just been lucky so far having entered the F1 arena with one of the best cars underneath him? How do you think he will feature in the Monaco Grand Prix 2007? I have a feeling that he may well be found out as early as Saint Devote corner, and I don’t think he’ll have the endurance to hold off the likes of Raikkonen or Fernando Alonso for the duration in Monaco. Also what do you think will happen at Rascasse this year? I hear that the bar itself has been renovated – do you think that was because they had so much attention after the Monaco Grand Prix 2006 incident? I am going to Monaco again this year for the Grand Prix but will be in a much better location for viewing. Where is the best vantage point for the Formula1 race?
All the best

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