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The Prince, the Olympic swimmer and the Monaco Grand Prix February 26, 2008

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Prince Albert of Monaco could be forgiven for living life to the full and simply enjoying the trappings of life as Monaco’s Sovereign. But as he turns 50 the prince’s reputation is deservedly a more serious one amongst fellow world leaders.

The Prince doesn’t spend all of his time (only some of it!) in Monte Carlo’s casino and rubbing shoulders with Grand Prix pilots, actors and actresses, celebrities (some famous for nothing much at all, think Paris Hilton!) and the Principalities many multi millionaires, he is just as likely to be found trekking the North Pole or maing an impassioned speech about the environment at events in Europe and around the world.

In Monaco itself there are plans to increase it’s land mass with a new island off Monte Carlo ready in 2018. This will likely host a university, housing, a museum, new Monaco hotels and perhaps even an addition to the famous route for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Prince Albert balances a world of the Monaco Grand Prix, it’s casinos, yachts and glamour with the more serious topic of reducing Monaco’s carbon footprint, his objective being to make Monaco the world’s first carbon neutral country.

The focus could be on Monaco this year, not only for the Monaco Grand Prix, aka Monaco Formula One, but also because of rumours of the possibility of Prince Albert and former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock announcing their engagement.

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view of the Monaco Grand Prix from a Fugare F1 balcony



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