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What next for F1 and the Monaco Grand Prix January 28, 2008

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Formula One is changing and it will affect all of the F1 races including our beloved Monaco Grand Prix.

“Whilst the regulators and rule makers dither (10 year/5 year/3 minute engine freeze? Energy recovery? Aero ban? A freeze on big hats?) trying to figure out which environmentally friendly rule, ridiculous or not, to implement next, over at Top Gear their is an article on driver racing…Prius!!

In Hong Kong Prius drivers are reprogramming their cars and competing in, yes…economy races.

Impressive sure, technically great sure, entertaining definitely! Would it work at the Monaco Grand Prix, Singapore GP, European GP or any other F1 race?

“Imagine a Formula One car of 2013 with a 2.4-litre V8 for some noise and thunder but only 100-litres of fuel per race and open rules governing where to get the rest from. Energy recovery? Solar? Get-out-and-push” – up Beau Rivage at the Monaco GP, we don’t think so?

“The racers will be forced to learn an entirely new technique (fuel management), and the egg-heads back in the F1 factories will be inspired to come up with new and exciting energy recovery/gathering technologies to supplement the fuel shortage.

Us motorists could even benefit from a trickle down of this tech, because let’s face it, how long before fuel rationing becomes unavoidable?” quotes reproduced courtesy of Top Gear

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Ferrari from one of Fugare F1 balconies at Monaco Grand Prix



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