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Happy New Year – Five Things To Look Forward To In F1 For 2008 January 3, 2008

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Hello and Happy New Year to all Fugare F1 Friends and Colleagues – we wish you all the very best and every success for the coming year.

Whilst browsing some other blogs and websites for inspiration and thinking of things to look forward to for 2008 we uncovered the following and thought it said it as well as we could so…Courtesy of Andrew Davies from PlanetF1.com:

Five Things To Look Forward To In 2008

As 2007 ends and 2008 begins, we look forward to five good things that will happen in 2008, and five things that might rear their ugly heads

1. The absence of traction control

With the FIA imposing a single Electronic Control Unit for engine management in 2008, we can look forward to the true prospect of F1 without traction control and launch control. This will mean that grand prix starts will be able to throw up some big surprises when drivers get it wrong. It will also mean that drivers who are great at starting will make up shedloads of places on the opening lap. In the past few years the starts have been a battle of the teams’ respective software engineers. Not any more.

Similarly in the wet, drivers with the Schumacher-esque ability of being able to work out the maximum adhesion by taking their cars to the very limit and just easing off when the car starts to twitch, will have an edge over those who stick their foot down and let the electronics do the rest.

2. Formula 1’s first night race

One of the highlights of the year will be the Singapore GP raced at night. Street GPs are tremendous spectacles to witness, particularly at Monaco where the circuit is impossibly tight and close to the spectators, but having it at night will give it an extra edge.

Street circuits usually produce a high casualty rate (think the Monaco Grand Prix and Canada), so having it at night in the year when traction control is removed from the cars could produce a dramatic result. And just imagine if it rains…

3.The Valencia GP

For years Bernie Ecclestone wanted to break the Monaco Grand Prix monopoly as being the jet-setter’s grand prix, the place where the super-rich could park their yachts and big business could be done. He tried to line up Beirut as a possible venue, and a harbourside circuit was drawn up and promoted. In the wake of the country’s plunge into political infighting it’s probably a good job it never came off.

However with The Alonso Factor changing Spain from a country that didn’t show F1 live on television to one showing fanatical levels of attention, a Valencia Grand Prix became a possibility.

The city will be the home to the Americas Cup yacht race and so its harbourside facilities will be able to cope with all the new Russian billionaires who wanted to park their boats for the Monaco Grand Prix but couldn’t find a space.

4.The arrival of Nelson Piquet Junior

It will be great to see Nelsinho in F1 at long last (though thankfully not at the expense of Heiki Kovalainen). He is the latest son-of-a-World Champion to enter motorsport’s highest level following Michael Andretti (son of Mario), Damon Hill (son of Graham) and Nico Rosberg (son of Keke).

5. Ross Brawn back in the sport with Honda.

His new challenge at Honda will be to re-shape a team that made a massive mistake in getting rid of technical director Geoff Willis and re-focus its efforts. We won’t see massive progress in the first eight races, but it shouldn’t be as pitiful as last year.

And five things that might not turn out quite so well…

1. The return of Stepneygate With the Ferrari team pressing ahead with prosecutions in both Italy and England, Stepneygate won’t go away.

2. A Piquet Senior vs Alonso slanging match We’ve seen Fernando Alonso’s delicate ego battered over the course of the 2007 season, what he doesn’t need is a team-mate with a vituperative father that could undermine him.

3. More slagging off of Silverstone Bernie is right to point out that with a £12 billion London Olympics coming up for 2012, the British GP venue should get some immediate state support.

4. The championship turning into a one-horse race. With McLaren hampered by budget constraints and redesigns etc, there’s a worry that Renault, BMW, Honda and Williams could fail to challenge what is likely to be another strong Ferrari.

5. More remarkably stupid decisions by the stewards.

With thanks to Alan Davies, for the full article please click here

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