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“I want to win on the track” – LH October 23, 2007

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It transpires that a couple of nights ago after the Brazilian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton informed his McLaren bosse that he does not want to win his first world championship by appealing against the stewards’ decision not to penalise Williams and BMW over fuel irregularities. This comes after McLaren put their faith in the Formula One rule book which some would say has been used against them plenty this year and should now work in their favour if there has been a transgression.

In a surprising twist Hamilton found himself agreeing with Alonso, who believes that a championship won in a court room was not worth having. Hamilton also stated ”It would feel weird after Kimi did such a fantastic job in the last few races. It is not the way to do it, not good for the sport. It’s over.”

The basis of McLaren’s appeal, served on the FIA within an hour of the stewards’ ruling, is that whilst they [McLaren] accept the legitimacy of Ferrari’s one-two win at Interlagos, they do not accept the positions achieved by the fourth, fifth and sixth place finishes of Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld. McLaren claim Williams’ and BMW were unfairly advantaged by colder fuel temperatures than were permitted. This would have allowed for faster pit stops and would have given a boost in power to the cars.

The champion must be confirmed by 15th November 2007 which means the appeal will be heard and settled by then and even if the FIA decide to penalise the Williams and BMW drivers there is no obligation to promote Hamilton.

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