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Another street race – Singapore Grand Prix May 12, 2007

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Everyone wants to have a Monaco Grand Prix style race… Now it’s Singapore

In brief, Singapore
– has secured F1 rights for five years from 2008
– will stage an F1 Grand Prix next year

and the race is
– set to be the first in the sport’s history to be held at night
– intended to be on a street circuit around the Marina Bay district
– planned for September or early October

“Singapore is going to be the leader with the street race at night – we’re excited about the idea,” – F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

“Safety is of paramount concern to all of us,” – S Iswaran, Singapore’s Minister of State for Trade and Industry.

“Therefore, we will proceed with a night race only if the safety and operational requirements of all parties are fully met – if not, we will revert to a day race.

“(But) a night race will be unique and allow the Singapore event to reach out to television audiences in Asia, Europe and the US.”

“The power of the lights you would need to artificially light the place for visibility for the drivers, flag marshalling and other tasks would be enormous,” – Mark Webber, Red Bull driver.

“I think you could do it, but then there is a question of the rain or a blackout that could embarrass you if don’t do your homework.”

“I have also done a few laps of a track in Singapore and there were a few places that needed to be made safer.”

“This will be the first fully-lit street race in F1 and as a night race, we anticipate it will quickly establish itself as one of the most dramatic and atmospheric races in our calendar – Bernie Ecclestone

“I know that the F1 drivers, teams and fans are all looking forward to coming to Singapore next year.”

“Singapore is a leading business centre and our aim is to be a vibrant global city that is abuzz with high quality entertainment and events,” added Iswaran.

“A world class event like the F1 race, with more than 500 million viewers worldwide, will take us closer to this objective.

“By holding the race on a street circuit in Marina Centre, we will bring the buzz and excitement into the heart of the city, so that everyone can join in the festivities.”

FugareF1.com – Monaco Grand Prix 2008



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