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Lewis Hamilton – the new Schumacher, or is such a comment too early? April 17, 2007

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Saw this article and the comments by Frank Williams sparked a debate here at FugareF1 Towers – is it too much hype too early?

original article
By: Damien Scott
POSTED: April 17, 2007

Formula One rookie makes history one race at a time
When Lewis Hamilton went down in the books this year as the first driver in Formula One of African-Caribbean descent, no one expected him to make history again until next season, at least.

Before Sunday, the 22-year-old Briton finished in third and second places in the Australian and Malaysian Grand Prix’s, respectively. It’s the best start to a rookie F1 season since since Jacques Villeneuve finished second in his maiden race in Australia back in 1996.

The Formula One season consists of 17 Grand Prixs (races) which take place all across the world in places like Monaco, Malaysia and Japan usually twice a month. It features highly advanced open-wheeled racecars that fly around very technical tracks at excess of 180MPH.

When asked about his success after his second podium finish in Malaysia on April 8, Lewis came off as levelheaded, humble and determined.

“I don’t think the pressure has got to me,” Lewis told ESPN before the Bahrain GP. “I am able to control it and filter it in a way that it works maybe to my advantage. But it is intense and it is easy to lose it. I just have to stay relaxed.”

And while Hamilton seemingly keeps his excitement to a minimum, the rest of the F1 world is doing anything but. Williams-Toyota team boss Frank Williams believes Lewis is the best thing smoking in F1 today, even going as far as comparing him to arguable the best Formula One racer in history, Michael Schumacher.

“I thought after we got rid of Michael, ‘Now we’ve got a chance again.’ But then another superhuman turns up,” said Williams to autosport.com. “Hamilton is a different character, I think, but purely in terms of caliber or quality of skill, what I’m seeing so early in this man’s career is remarkable.”

His next race is on May 13 in Spain. And from the look of things, a fourth podium finish doesn’t seem too unlikely.



1. Kevin Anderson - April 17, 2007

We’re great in this country at building up our young stars, but there is no doubt that Lewis Hamilton has caught the imagination. I wonder how his driving style will suit the Monaco Grand Prix in May? That will be a really good test of his driving skills.

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